Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Art of doing NOTHING

"I want to do NOTHING"
I hear from her and him

"How can anyone want to do NOTHING"
I used to wonder

I mean really NOTHING
without a care in the world
without a thought of tomorrow
without a judgment on this and that
without a worry of the past

And then I became a MOM
I now understand
That there is an art of doing NOTHING

Just sitting idle with
no thoughts,
no wishes,
no dreams,
no desires,
no tasks

Just lazing and gazing
On the roof
On the sky
On the sun
On the moon
On the stars
On the birds

When no one or nothing really matters
When no task is as important as being with yourself
When you time clock pauses - for your life
When time and space don't matter
When you expect nothing out of yourself

The reason why NOTHING is important is because
It gives you time to recharge
It gives you time to go slow
It gives you time to take it easy
It gives you time to reboot

And I realize it is probably one the most important aspects of progress and success
because sometimes
the nothingness defines you
the nothingness compels you to take a different perspectives
the nothingness is the catalyst which fuels your journey...

Are you doing NOTHING today? Just try it...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Hidden Secrets of Life

Everyone does have
The Hidden Secrets of Life
You and Me
She and He
Them and Theirs

The Hidden Secrets of Life
Are what are best never shared
And those which will possibly die with you

The secrets could be around
Your dreams
Your desires
Your sexual preferences
Your quirky nature
Your past love
Your unfinished business
Your old revenge
Your childhood passions
Your biggest embarassment
Your failures
Your crazy choices
Your career choices
Your lies
Your cheating someone
Your stealing something
Your hurt
Your shattered expectations
Your untold aspirations
Your ideas that can change the world
Your contacts and connections with power
Your past relationships
Your long lost this and that...
Your ...
Your ....
Your ......

And yet somewhere somehow
You meet someone
At a random vulnerable moment
To whom you share
The Hidden Secrets of Life

Are you secrets every safe with them?

Leave a comment to let me know

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In pain, there is..

In pain, there is

BUT also
In pain, there is
A new life
A fresh beginning

Pain is definite
Pain is transient
Pain is personal
Pain is real

Pain touches your life
And their life too

Just for some it is physical
For some emotional
For some social
For some mental
For some financial
For some spiritual

The beauty of pain
Is also the bane of pain

A lot of the pain
stems from the limits we set

A lot of the pain
Stems from silences

A lot of the pain
Is the result of not saying NO

Inspired by this Video

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nischala’s writings of Mar 2016 | A round-up…

I am sharing a curated list of my writings for the month of Mar 2016.. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

To re-start

At the cross-roads
When everything seems to be wrong
Not externally
But within - in your body, heart and mind

Things don't feel right
Things don't make you light

And you forced to ignore
Compelled to do / not-do

And then you ponder and wonder?
When Where and How it all went wrong?

Was it in the start?
Was it in the middle?
Was it in the communication? (or lack of)
Was it in the choices? (or lack of)
Was it in the way it was meant to be?

You can't change the past
You can't undo what was done

But you can RE-START
Here and Now

By re-wiring the thoughts
Be re-thinking the words
Be re-imagine the actions

Never too late to RE-START
Even if it won't be the way you want it
Atleast you tried
And did your best

So , what will you re-start today?